My name is Daniel Fuentes, a designer and programmer living in NYC.

The websites I design are as simple and intuitive to use as possible, whilst still having a unique aesthetic appeal. You can scroll through my work down below, or browse with the navigation on your left.

I can be reached by email. You can also follow my stream of interest on twitter or pinterest.


Websites >
  • Models.com
    ux/ui graphics html/css
  • Shutterstock
    ux/ui graphics html/css
  • Canvas
  • Beat The Insiders
    ux/ui html/css/js
  • Split Decision
    ux/ui html/css/js
  • BBC America Shop
    ux/ui graphics html/css/js
BBC America Shop
Split Decision
Beat The Insiders

In this project I designed the graphics and interface for the BBC America Shop mobile website.

This prototype maintains accessibility and ease of navigation, while also leading user's towards information about the products and services.

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The Showtime Championship Boxing web app, aka Split Decision, is a game that allows engaged boxing fans to predict the winner of the fight or match the judge's round-scoring in real time.

I worked on the UX/UI of this project, as well as coding the front-end part of the website.

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Beat The Insiders is a game that allows the fans to compete with the hosts of Showtime Sports. The goal of the project was to take the aesthetics and game mechanics of the main site to a mobile environment.

I worked on the UX/UI of this project, as well as coding the front-end part of the website

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This website was conceptualized and built to kick-off Interactive Partner's re-branding to Canvas NYC. I was the lead developer for this project.

My role at Shutterstock was primarily to improve the layout and usability of all client facing sites.

I gathered information from user research and in-house testing to design controls and information hierarchies. Alternatively, I would also work on new ideas for products our users could use to find or discover the photo they are looking for.

At Models.com I helped improve the aesthetic and form of the company's identity and overall web presence.

I was involved in re-designing the homepage twice, updating the news blogs, and conceptualizing the UX/UI for a fashion professional directory.

I designed the logo and cards for MNMLKTCHN and Models.com.

These are a selection of posters I designed for a music project called MNMLKTCHN. They were used to promote events and the brand of the collective.